Every cupcake is special!

Once upon a time...

… there was a nurse who had a passion for baking and chocolate making.....

No, I'm NOT a professional baker....I'm a nurse by day and baker by night. Baking and chocolate candy making is a passion. As long as I can remember I loved to bake. I remember watching my Nana bake her favorite Italian desserts; which included her famous Italian Biscotti's, Ricotta Cookies, Ricotta Cheese Cake, Italian pepper cookies and many, many more delicious bake goods. I still love to bake those delicious recipes that I have inherited from my Nana, but I found the love for baking cupcakes, speciality cakes and making candy.

February of 2002 I thought it would be fun to take a cake decorating class at a local store. (yes I am proud of that certificate). To tell you the truth, it was a lot of work! Sometimes, it was frustrating, messy, and tiring. Yet, I’ve learned a lot from my instructor about the basics of cake decorating I taught myself how to try new recipes and products, and explore new ways to decorate and make desserts!

I started to attend nursing school December 2002, and I knew that some extra cash was needed. I started making candy and baking for some friends. When word got out about my candy and baked goods the orders started to sore, this is when I realized that my passion for making candy and baking was something I wanted to expand upon. Fast forward to May of 2008, I had attended my brother’s wedding rehearsal, and was in awe when I saw the cupcake tower he had in place of your “typical cake”. This is when I started to explore beyond my thoughts and found that cupcakes were the thing of the future….this is when I started think about the different flavors that I wanted to offer to my customers.
The moral of this story is.......if you dream, dream big because any thing is possible. My passion is now a second profession.

"Making your life sweeter

one bite at a time"